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Skylark Travels - Car travels in chennai

We provides you the best quality car rental services for all your travel needs. We strive for your best comfort. Be it a leisure trip or a business trip, we make it pleasure.

We have a wide range of well maintained cars with (A/c and Non A/c).We also provide services on contract basis for corporate companies.(Weekly &monthly).

we are ready to serve you at your doorstep!!!.Our vision is to be satisfied the customer with our service and become a preferred travel partners across the world.

  • Smile! You won’t want to miss out on the year’s most exciting places.
  • Travel is exciting, yes. But, the planing process, especially for families is stressful.Our aims is to feature the most reliable, honest and trusted reviews of journey.
  • Rentals is attracting travellers who are tired of mass tourism and looking for a more unique experience.
  • Eco-friendliness is our a keystone.
  • Increasing numbers of consumers are mirroring travel behaviour in daily life, valuing transient experiences over fixed possessions.
  • Each step of the planning process can be followed via a dedicated manner.

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General Tour Notifications

Customer notifications

  • Once when you have planned and confirmed your trip with Skylark Travels, you will be acknowledged with two mails.
  • One will be you tour confirmation which includes the plan, leaving date and list of all amenities included in the package and the next notification will reach you prior two weeks of your plan and that will be a reminder notification, which will confirm your tour dates and current tour condition, if applicable.
  • If you have not received either of the confirmation mail within 24hours of the scheduled time just ring to us immediately. We will follow you up.

Tour vouchers

  • In some cases the tour packages also includes tour vouchers along with them which are use in participating in the additional activities during the tour.
  • Mostly it is scheduled for downtime or an optional choice to replace the day's planned activity.
  • The vouchers are only good if used and does not includes any cash value and no arguments are allowed if the tour was not taken.

Trip planning

  • Greetings to you. Once you have registered your trip you will receive a brochure formatted document in which you will have the whole agenda for the trip.
  • We have also included some packing advice, place that we can see in the tour route and we have included all the historical and environmental details of the tour.
  • We will also mention the additional resources required that is not provided by Skylark Travels and also some points of interest included in your tour.

Tour check list

  • You are on a full enjoyment trip to Skylark and so you want to make sure whether you have packed all necessary things and kept it ready for your travel and there must be full relax from the time of departure till you return home.
  • For that we have prepared a small check list that may help you to make sure whether you have packed every single equipment en route the tour.
  • Have you arranged for your mail/paper deliver?
  • Are friends/family aware of your itinerary?